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Music Ministries



Next up is Perfect Peace with It Is Well With My Soul

  1. You will need a copy of the Perfect Peace sheet music which you can download here: PERFECT PEACE VOCALS
  2. Watch the video I made of me directing listening to the Track Demo. Watch this at least a couple of times till you are comfortable singing and recording your self. The actual music starts around 3:57 in the video. Here is that VIDEO.
  3. Use a computer or phone with ear-buds or earphones to play the of me directing. It does help sometimes to remove one earphone.
  4. A way to record a video of yourself singing – this could be:
    a. A computer with a webcam and video capture software (such as iMovie or Windows Media Maker)
    b. An iPhone or Android (Possibly use your spouses phone.)
    c. A digital camera that also records movies
    The movie file you make to send us should have one of these extensions in its name: .MP4, .MOV, .M4V, .WMV
  5. PLEASE RECORD IN LANDSCAPE (SIDEWAYS) PLEASE. Remember to frame yourself like this picture: This is taken from a great and funny video about how to video yourself at home. It wouldn't hurt to watch this before starting to record your video.

    How To Shoot A Camera Phone Video from Kenny Lamm on Vimeo.

  6. Steps to follow for Perfect Peace.
    a. All ladies will start singing at measure five. Go to parts when you get to the pickup to measure 22 through 38. Men will join the ladies at the pickup to measure 41 and sing through to the end. This is around 5:35 in the video. (Guys this all you need to record. I will line you video up in the edit. You can start your video recording around measure 35 and then start at the pickup of measure 41.)
    b. Set up your video recorder (computer/phone/camera). Do a test recording of yourself to make sure you are recording picture and sound.
    c. Start the my director's video and sing the your part.
    d. You can use the upload link from last week if you kno longer have it. iUpload your video to the link I will provide.
    e. Click on "Upload a Video"
    f. Click on "Choose a Video to Upload." Your files will be displayed, select the video you want to upload.
    g. Click on "Upload Selected Videos"
    h. That's it!

Please let me know you are going to do this so I can get my video edit up to speed before I download your video. Send your email address to my cell phone at (405) 240-0438. I will then email you the links for uploading your video.

If you have any questions before you decide, please call me at (405) 240-0438. I'm really excited to do this!

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